Saturday, December 6, 2008


I saw the littles Thursday and Yesterday, I can't get over how SILLY they are!

Julian keeps a running inventory on what cars are where, identifying all of the cars that he knows and who they belong to. We were at Starbucks, Mom, Dani and I all met there from work (and Dani from errands). The cars were parked side by side and Jules starts naming them "Boppy Da" (Grammee's Car), "Mommy Da", "Shasha Da" (Sherry's Car). Periodically throughout our visit, he'd go to the window and verify that they were still there and name them off again. SO SILLY! He's learning to say "AnnaBelle" instead of "Ablableble" for his sister. He will enunciate when prompted "Anna.Bella". At one point while waiting I was having him repeat words, he's getting better in his enunciation, but most of it is still Julian-ese. Cute and silly (possibly why he's doing it). Dani says that when he's not around Belle he speaks more often and more clearly. He's learned the sign for Tree and the signs for Fork and Spoon (probably so that we can squelch some of that "F" word stuff from my earlier post) and last night was signing "Tree" every time the staff at Chili's would put a "FORK" on the table!!! We laughed so hard when we noticed. He was giggling too, so I know he was giving us a show. When asked, he signed "Fork" properly.

Annabelle is in FULL Tinkerbell mode. She has - in a 24-hour span - "requested" ("I NEED a -----") a Tinkerbell jacket. Tinkerbell Wings ("for my back" "so I can FLYYYYYY"). A Tinkerbell phone (her "Roara" [Aurora] phone is missing and we are thinking her BROTHER might have put it in the trash, he's been putting random-non-trash items in there lately). I haven't told her I'm going to Disneyland because I know she'll bedevil her momma the whole time I'm gone with "I'm going to Disneyland with Sherry" but when I told her I was going to fly away on an airplane, she turned her back on me. She had been sitting with me at the dinner table, leaning on me, loving me and chattering at me and she physically turned her back! I noticed as my mom pointed it out. I took her in my lap and told her that I was not moving away like Grandpa Joe had to do (he's living in NC), but I was going on vacation, like when her Grandpa John and Grandma Lynn flew to Jamaica and came back with presents for her. THAT did the trick, the whole face lit up from the brooding eyes becoming beams to her concerned look transforming to a vibrant smile! I'm so glad I realized what was starting to bother her, before it took root.

I just hope I can find her whole "shopping list" but she knows that I'll try and "if they have one Could you bring it to me?" As for Julian, I'm thinking Mickey Mouse and Trains!