Friday, December 27, 2013

That's Alright Mama - Matthew and Gunnar Nelson 1998

One of the many videos I have needed to put into the digital era... Fortunately I got a VHS to DVD machine so that I can reduce the size of the stuff in my closet to something more manageable, with most of my videos being either stuff from the television (Nelson clips from 25 years ago) or from shows and events I filmed myself (all too amateurishly), I figured this will be the year of reduction. I already reduced stacks and stacks of paper memorabilia to digital files, it's time to relegate the VHS to a digital world too. It's going to be a long project, but should be worth a few laughs.

I was pleasantly surprised when this song was one I discovered had been performed. I had forgotten that particular piece of information regarding this show from 15 years ago (has it BEEN that long??).

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

It has been a really nice day. It was very different than the last 14 Christmases - instead of crack-of-dawn gifting we went with a more peaceful Christmas Eve dinner out. It was nice to go out, to see the loved ones and come home with plans to sleep in (if I had remembered to turn off my alarm) this morning. My best friend Cindy and I went to see 'Saving Mr. Banks' (a tear jerker for this diehard Mary Poppins fan) and afterward, we came home to have a nice country walk with Sheldon and Gibbs before fixing a delicious dinner for those of us in the house.

I get to wait until tomorrow to watch the last Matt Smith episode of Doctor Who - his leaving breaks my heart. Without cable TV I'll have to stay away from spoilers from now until then... eek, no Pinterest? Can I do it? Sure... I prefer the no-spoiler route after all. I will probably keep busy trying to figure out this VHS to DVD conversion thing, to try to pare down my closet stack just a bit more... I guess that means a whole bunch of Nelson video watching is in my future, since those are the VHS tapes I have left.

Until I can watch the Doctor Who Christmas special, I'll keep on showing my support (you know, because Doctor Who is to me what team sports are to others... something to be watched, cheered, dressed for and get completely emotional over) as well as my holiday spirit in my Doctor Whoville shirt from "my dogs".

The Christmas rush is over, another year of carols and specials behind us. Hopefully we can carry the joy and good cheer farther than just the wee hours of tonight. Be good to yourselves and to all those you love. Pay it forward. Rescue an animal. Do good works. I hope I can do several of these in the year to come.

For tonight, Santa finally gets a break and so do I! Merry Christmas everyone!