Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ricky Nelson Remembered - Brea, CA 6.16.12

Cindy and I had never seen the theater presentation with the multimedia display and I was so glad that we were in a theater venue so we could finally do so. Over the years, we'd seen Matthew and Gunnar do various incarnations of the show from 1998 through 2003; then we had taken a break from doing much of anything and once we went back to see them - it was last September. We'd been searching doable trips to see them again ever since.
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When the Brea show came up, it was a lock! We needed to get back to California, to Disneyland and the beach - and a show? Trifecta!
While we were planning - Cindy and I found the Bettie Page store in SLC and went a little crazy and decided to buy some retro style dresses for this show. It was a lark, and it was completely worth it! We got so many compliments and just felt like such "ladies". To me, it was an added bonus for the evening.

They performed at the Curtis Theatre a very nice, intimate venue with incredible staff. I recommend them highly after just this one visit! For the show, the setup was so cozy and inviting (the guys even referred to it as being in one big living room-which is apropos) and the show was astounding. I'm so glad I got the chance to see the multimedia presentation.

I had my precious new Canon DSLR with me and I was excited to have learned a few low-light tricks the night before, and some focus info so that I might get some good shots. I may have gotten a bit carried away with the continuous shooting feature, I got tons of images. So many turned out very well, which excited me to no end. I love digital for low light with film, a high ISO is usually so grainy. With digi, I haven't seen that problem. 

The show ended  much too soon - it wasn't short, it was just so fun that it flew on past. The guys are so entertaining and engaging, it's a true pleasure to be part of their audience and to hear them share stories of their father - it's just so touching and such a fun evening to be part of. I know that Rick is looking down on them both with pride and with a sense of joy.
If you ever hear of the Ricky Nelson Remembered show coming to a venue near you, you should go... you'll not be disappointed. They are fun, they are funny and man can they sing and play those guitars! To top it all off, they stay after to meet folks, sign stuff and be genuinely friendly!