Monday, February 15, 2010

Clearing the Table

this is probably my favorite card, ever! I was goofing around with some pieces that were lying around on my table. I used an Imaginesce rub-on on a piece of packaging (that's actually a nicer green IRL). and then I took the packaging for the Imaginesce rub-ons and folded it in half for a card.

I had no idea where I was going with this, I didn't even know that the rub on piece and the card piece would be part of the same project, but when I saw the KI Memories, La.Di.Dah soft rubber frames and the colors on this one, I knew I had another piece of packaging that would be great with the orangey background of the first. One thing led to another and these pieces came together to create this simple, yet elegant "congrats" card. The stamp used for the sentiment was a studio G $1 stamp that I just got yesterday.

Another one of my "clear the table" projects today was to use as many "bits" that coordinate as possible to get rid of them for once and for all. I had some MM Vintage Findings paper - the sheet music  pieces in the top left corner and over towards the top right. Some stamps and other creamy-beige papers as well as a strip of paper, a bit of ribbon and a clock face that had a battle with some ink and glimmer mist. the brackets were salvaged and had been lying around, as were the tulle flowers. The "love" was stamped using another Studio G stamp I got yesterday. I had to pull out one chipboard letter and the brown paper at the bottom, everything else was lying around in one form or another.

The first project I posted was mostly a green project, reusing the packaging that my supplies came with. This last one is also green because the base is from a paper grocery sack covered with scraps and embellished.

It is a gift tag that is tied to a gift bag which is also partially re-purposed. The gift wrap was too flimsy to create a gift bag out of for the heft of the gift inside, so I made the base of the bag out of a grocery bag and covered the base with the gift-wrap. I punched holes around the top so that I could run ribbon through to "stitch" it holding the two layers of papers together. The flower embellishment that you can see peeking at the corner of this photo was from a different gift bag that gave its life to give me flowers.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Birthdays

I have a lot of February birthdays - lots of Aquarius and Pices friends and relatives. I was helping my niece and nephew make a birthday card for their aunt Mary (my youngest sis) and I ended up with quite a few large scraps from their left-overs.

I tried to give this little flower-butterfly to Belle for her card, but she wasn't interested... so I put a card together myself and used it.

I have some more cards to make, but this got me off to a good start.
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