Sunday, October 20, 2013

Paperback Hero & Matt Nelson ~ Lullaby (+playlist)

It's been a Nelson week for me. I've decided to evict the twins from my closet... I need the space dammit! SO... "project digital" began with an all-nighter a week ago. Project Digital was something I had only dreamed of, since I knew it would be a time consuming mess, but I am trying to reduce the bulk of "THINGS" in my little house so all of a sudden, there was no time like now. Just today I finished oodles of scanning and now I will be fulfilling my grand plans to break away from all of this paper historical craziness with some kind of searchable database. In my erstwhile efforts to ensure accuracy in my new-found plan for organization, I was Googling up some details and came across this fine video of Matthew Nelson with Paperback Hero... 2009, precursor to Elvis Monroe? Possibly. Fantastic? Absolutely!