Saturday, April 3, 2010

Recycling Again

I'm supposed to be putting things away "over there" but instead, every time I go to the table - I start making things! I'm not surprised any more. This is who I am.

I made this card out of some packaging from my nephew Julian's most recent Cars toy - a "big" Mac (truck). I saved the backdrop of the packaging because it was so cute - the spectators and the stands.

I tried to salvage more of this packaging but as I was pulling the image layer off of the cardboard layer it ripped. I cut the cloud shape out where the rip was after adhering the image to my card blank.

I rooted around my saved items and found a picture of Lightning McQueen (I still remember Belle calling him Lightning Bee-Queen and laugh). to cut out. I added dimension by adhering the image to a piece of toilet paper roll. The "Hi" bubble is done the same way.

I know Julian will like getting this card in the mail. I'll have to save it and send it when I think he needs it most :)

Now I really need to go find a home for all that stuff that's piling up so that my little Sheldon doesn't eat any more of my scrappy supplies!
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