Sunday, June 10, 2012

How Does MY Garden Grow?

Well, I have zero claim to the "Green Thumb" fame, but I can proudly boast strawberries the size of DIMES!

 My rosebush finally bloomed - the last one in all of the neighborhoods I've been near recently - but these colorful gems are well worth the wait.
See the two above with the yellow rose? They were taken on the same day - just hours apart from one another... it was a warm and windy day and I've discovered warm winds are not the best friends of lasting blooms.

I've also discovered that this honey bee... is tiny compared to the elusive bumble bee that I saw yesterday... I never knew bumblebees were such giants! The thing was skittish and  enormous and beautiful and I regret that I couldn't have taken a picture of it! I did say elusive.

I also noticed that the honeysuckle is getting ready to bloom and there's one bright red lily out there. So green thumb- no... black thumb- no.

This IS good news... 

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