Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My #NewtoWho Story

Welcome to my new obsession! I was first introduced to the modern era of Doctor Who by 3 different sources; mentions by Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show; Paul Bradford of Ghost Hunters International via Twitter and @Nerdist Chris Hardwick. I would see and hear mentions constantly and the curiosity grew slowly. It wasn't until I was flipping through the hundred plus stations on cable and found a quirky, entertaining bit of TV called... Doctor Who. The episode was The Lodger and I was riveted. I wanted to know more so it was DVR time. I set it for all episodes of Doctor Who - and was pleasantly confused when my next episode was an Eccelston series episode - followed by a Tennant episode. Now I was completely hooked and so very confused! Where was that silly, qiurky, intense doctor from the Lodger episode? Where was spunky, plucky Amy?

Internet to the rescue, and I found out the whole deal, revived by Eccelston; fleshed out and well played by Tennant and finally "My Doctor" portrayed by Matt Smith. Watching these episodes is not nearly as black and white... there are so many emotions tied to these actors portrayals of the enigmatic Doctor. I cry at nearly every episode and I laugh through them as well.

There's so much to enjoy: The Doctor, the companions, the TARDIS, time travel, thought provoking writing... it's got it all - AND British accents!

All of this happened to me less than a year ago, I've been through the airing and re-airing of the Doctor on BBC America and my tv is almost always on that network now. I make sure to leave it on BBC America when I have to leave my puppy alone. I like to think that the Doctor helps him feel more at ease.

My Pinterest is alive with Doctor Who pins by me and by lots of fangirls who are constantly educating me further about the Doctor and all things Whovian.

I have a coworker who is a Whovian (it pleases me that I introduced her to that term), and it makes the day that much brighter when we swap Whovian images (and all things Geek).

I've started looking at clothes in stores and thinking "Rose"; "Amy", etc. and I love the Polyvore sets that have been assembled for dressing like the Doctor!

This is a Fangirl show, this is a Fanboy show, it's a kid show that is smart enough for adults and it's an adult show that's attractive to kids. Doctor Who will be 50 next year and those of us in the USA are just getting an idea of it - unless it got into your consciousness via PBS in the 80's like it faintly did mine (although I never actually watched then-a regret that can, thankfully, be rectified).

That's it. I'm a Fangirl and this is my "#NewToWho" story.

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