Friday, July 12, 2013

More Dog Aggression

Does this look like trouble to you? Nah, me neither... but every once in a while, he'll try for some dog. One day it was at the Farmers' Market and someone else's dog, luckily for me Gibbs was on leash and I'm strong and quick enough to stop him when I'm on the watch.

Yesterday it was at home, in the comfort of the family room and he went after Sheldon for no reason that I know of... unless it was the treats WE HUMANS were eating. Things went sour in a moment. Gibbs biting, Sheldon reaching to get the upper hand, broken ottoman and broken skin. I wheelbarrowed Gibbs away from Sheldon by his hind legs and we got them separated. I then sat through the evening with a towel on Shel's side to stop the wound from bleeding.

I need help! I also need it cheaply.

Dog aggression is not a fun thing. But putting this big beautiful guy in other harm's way by not doing right by him is not acceptable. We've got some uphill battles to be sure, but I'm hopeful that we can find a solution that will give our whole house some measure of peace.

The big problem with getting professional help is that they're expensive! I understand why, but that doesn't make it any easier to manage.

I'm hopelessly, madly in love with all three of my crazy fellows, and I know that one day there will be a peaceful resolution, but until then, we'll just have to carry on keeping separate quarters.

I'm just so very sad for Gibbs that he's just alienated his only canine ally.

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