Friday, August 2, 2013

Garden Party - Birthday Memory

Today's my birthday. I always tend make a big deal out of my own birthdays because no one else really does. I mean, they don't have to, I'm an adult. But there was a time that I thought my birthday was a pretty big deal, for about 5 minutes.

Way back, when I was 5, I remember being at a get-together, a birthday celebration for a friend of my mom's and my uncle's. Jack and I shared a birthday so I felt it was my party too.

It was an outdoor gathering, I don't remember if it was a bucket o' chicken and beers or a BBQ and beers, the one thing I do remember is the song Garden Party coming on and how I excitedly thought that the song was a personalized anthem for the night. My mom dispelled my thinking.
"Mom, he's singing about us, we're having a garden party"
"No, Sherry, that's not what the song is about-go play"
Queue the first time I thought my mom didn't know what she was talking about!

OK, so she was right. I know this now. But when I heard the song this morning on my drive, all I could do was smile and think... 40 years later, Rick Nelson was singing Garden Party for me, for my birthday... then AND this morning.

Celebrate my birthday with me, listen to Rick's sons performing Garden Party, choose the original, or enjoy both:

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