Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photos of Julian and Annabelle From the Wedding

On September 14, 2008, my nephew Julian and niece Annabelle were to be ring bearer and flower girl for their Aunt Nancy's wedding.

Julian was dressed in a sweet khaki suit and Belle in a pretty green dress. At the last minute, we were informed that Julian wouldn't be the ring bearer because they weren't sure that he would be able to do the task. My BIL and I were both disappointed but my sis was relieved. We all had our own ideas about his ability. Alex and I were positive he could have done it.

It was alright though, because he was not aware one way or the other, Belle, on the other hand had been excited about her performance as flower girl so at least she was still on the roster.

It was so fun to watch her take her job so seriously, not letting her basket of petals out of her sight.

She was adorable in her new (and rightly dubbed) "Princess Shoes" and ruffled socks. She was sad to have to take the lovely items off when the "party" was through.

They were both so sweet, and though our little 3-year old girl is going through a naughty phase they were both very well behaved and very patient throughout the long day.

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Heather said...

adorable photos!
i love annabelle looking at herself in the mirror, it's almost like being there.