Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Good Score

Today was my day off. I did a lot of bartering of my daily tasks in order to get the day off just so I could go to the Making Memories Warehouse sale and I was so happy to be out. I got there 15 minutes early and waited very well (I'm not a patient waiter) if I do say so myself. Once inside, I was on a mission, I only had a few "must haves" in mind. Flowers, brads (not the teeny standard ones but different ones, unique, fun, beautiful... and trims, any I knew I didn't already have. I would also keep my eyes out for some of the Tiny Type sticker letters because I was feeling like a bit of a schmuck after the spring sale where Heather had requested some but I couldn't find any.

Today, I scored! Lots of Buttons and Blooms, a few 5th Avenue and Noteworthy embellies and trims, some gorgeous brads (flocked, flowers, etc.) and, and, AND.... the Tiny Type alphas!

I filled my box without a care for price - then it hit me, I have $100 cash in my pocket plus a few ones to get over the sales-tax hurdle... Ok, pull out some things that I don't REALLY need.... ring up the rest.... how much? $122??? Take some off. Add these (I am blushing to admit that this was about the tiny types - they were in my overflow pile)... $100.69? Good to go!

Oh, hey.... I have a few more $1's in my pocket, give me the rest of that stack of tiny types, I want some too.

It was a good haul! I got home and went through things, rearranged buttons and flowers, and discovered I really need a new system for my flowers and buttons!!!

I've got to put my thinking cap on for that....
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