Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Captain of His "Ship"

Yes, I feel just like poor Mickey here. I'm tired. 4:30 is too early...

This is Mickey after a long day of errands. He's not a real fan of the long day in the car routine. Harlee could go and go. We could take her on road-trips but not this fella. His idea of the perfect ride is down the road, to McDonalds, get a burger and go home. He'd settle for fries if he was forced. But a whole day of stopping here and there for this and that, he has little patience for it.

At 5, it seems as though he's finally coming to terms with the fact that if he wants to go - he's gotta suffer through it ALL. It used to be tricky taking him because he'd start acting up when I assume he was just plain tired. Now he is better about relaxing - or trying to. He seems to be always needing to know where we are logistically and he's always standing in the back seat, right between the front buckets, watching. We've taken to calling him the Cap'n when we're out and about because he reminds me of an old time sea captain, standing at the helm watching.

On this particular day, I was actually able to get him to lie down next to me on the back seat and ALMOST (as you can see) go to sleep.
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