Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sheldon is Featured on Sketches: Creatively Yours!

Ok, so I was just doing my assignment and he happened to be the muse of the moment, but still, he's handsome and deserves a little ego boost, after all, he's being constantly reminded where he belongs in the puppy hierarchy here at home. Poor little guy is so beat down that he cries and chews the walls!!

Oh, wait, that is probably just teething and separation anxiety. He's an active dog for sure.

Back to the meat of the topic, a new sketch by Deanne Burton is up at Sketches: Creatively Yours and I really enjoyed using it to create what will be the first page in Sheldon's puppy book.

The title is made up of 3 types of Thickers stickers and some chipboard dog shapes from my friend Pam. In fact, the ribbons are also from Pam! Thanks sweetie!

This picture was taken the day Sheldon came home with us.

Make sure you stop by Sketches: Creatively Yours so you can see all of the beautiful interpretations of Deanne's sketch, as well as the actual sketch itself! You're sure to be inspired, there's a lot of talent represented!


Ali said...

Beautiful job Sherry! Sheldon is So CUTE! TY for the shout-out to S:CY!

Helen said...

LOVE the layout of Sheldon! He looks adorable!! WTG Sherry!

Maggi said...

Awh, love Sheldon!! Love the title work, great LO!!

pamala said...

Sheldon is such a handsome fellow!!! Great LO!