Saturday, May 14, 2011

March for Babies

Well, today's the day! I'm not worried about a 3 mile walk, I've been averaging about 6 per day. I feel great!

I had to use the car wisely, so after dropping Cindy at work at just before 5 this morning, I am killing time before check-in time. I've watched Destination Truth on Hulu; checked in at Facebook and Twitter and now I blog. Yet there are still 2 hours til check-in.

The wind is going strong up on the mountain where the walk will take place. I'm glad I brought a jacket, even if I think I'll wish otherwise in a couple of hours.

The sun is still trying to peek over the mountain.

People are already setting everything up for registration.

I'm very excited about this very important adventure, I just wish I knew ANYBODY here!

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