Tuesday, October 7, 2008

For the First Time

My li'l man, Jules- he loves me, I know he does by the sweet way he runs up to me when I come to visit. He's such an exuberant little boy and full of cuddles. Today is the first time he's talked to me on the phone, and the first time he's actually said my name!

I was talking to my sis, my niece wanted to talk so she said "Hi" and started telling me all kinds of fun things they were doing right then (Mommy was cooking dinner and she and Julian were playing cooking) then I hear a "drive by" "Hi Shay Yah"! What a sweet moment. I remember it wasn't long ago that Belle was calling me "ShayYay" and now my sweet buddy can "say my name". I won't linger long over the fact that he said my best friend's name over a month ago, but "CiCi" (for Cindy) is much easier to say than "ShayYah"

He's just shy of 23 months and his vocabulary is FINALLY becoming more intelligible and it's mulitplied in just the last couple of weeks.

What a cool moment.
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