Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Surprise!! Free Concert....

It was Friday after work, I was driving around, trying to help my mom finish some last-minute things before she would be leaving for her vacation and Cindy called me and told me she got tickets from her boss to see Reba and Kelly. Well, not only did she have tickets ($60 tickets), but they were 11th row, floor seats!

The catch was that we both needed to get from clear across the valley, Cindy to pick up the tickets from her boss who was too miserable with a cold to enjoy her tickets and I had to drop my mom off at her car and get across town to meet up with Cindy at my sister's place (so that we could take only one car). We needed to do all this and get downtown by 8 pm (it was after 6).

I borrowed my sister's camera and was determined to smuggle it in in my bra if I had to. I'm glad I didn't have to because her camera is much bigger than mine!! I just hid it in a pocket of my giant bag that couldn't be seen in a cursory bag check. Of course, there were many others there with cameras so my "covert operation" wasn't really necessary.

The show was preceded by the swearing in of 14 new Air Force recruits, which was met with a heartfelt standing O and whoops and cheers of support. We are a pretty supportive state, and quite proud of our servicemen. We are home to Hill Air Force Base.

Reba & Kelly put on a terrific show, the stage setup was one of the finest I've seen in a long time and the musicians with them were amazing. The opening act was Melissa "Barbara Jean" Peterman.


I'm so glad I got to see this show and although I was not really a Kelly Clarkson fan, I think, now that I've seen her live, I am.

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Ali said...

Blog is lookin' awesome Sherry... and I am Soooooo glad u got to see that concert!! xx-A