Monday, March 1, 2010

Best Vacation Ever?

I've been on a trip recently. A trip down Memory Lane.

This past Thanksgiving my sister Leah was in town. She asked for some photos from when she was living with us here in Utah. I made an earnest promise that I would get the photos down and scan them. I meant it, and I was going to do so. But I didn't.

Recently Leah contacted me and asked if I could look for some older pictures as well and I felt pretty lame about not even pulling the photo box off the shelf yet so, rather than make another earnest promise that would be shelved for months more, I made a point of getting the box down, taking it to work with me so that I could go through the photos on my breaks. This was a nice past-time since I had no book to read - which is my usual breaktime activity. I found good shots, cute shots and some cute-not-so-good shots. You know, adorable and priceless pictures that had terrible lighting problems.

I was happy to get started scanning, now that the pictures were out and in my head and heart and hands. I tried to hook up my scanner, but even though it was practically new, it was older than my newer Laptop computer... so it was not compatible. Yikes, what on earth would I do? Then I remembered that Cindy's mom's all-in-one was newer so I was able to borrow that and hook it up. I sat and watched the Olympics' Open Ceremonies, and Scanned. Then I took a 2 week break.

When I was invited to my Uncle Hondo's house for dinner, I realized I had a great chance to get the photos to Leah so I spent all morning Saturday scanning the rest of the pictures. I did a lot of tweaking of the old, poorly lit, grainy, small originals and got a bunch of printable and a few questionable images. They're my childhood... I remember so many events surrounding these images, my sisters, fighting, singing, playing, going places, visiting with Grandparents. In one of these pictures my sisters and I are playing in the front yard with cardboard box kitchen appliances. In another, my beloved bicycle is in the background, humble and homely and still fondly remembered. There was the "photo op box" at Mimi's apartment, that big green utility box that probably shouldn't be played on but we played on and around it... every time. A picture of the three girls (pre-baby sisters) with Grandma, we're all wearing our "Reno" tees that Grandma and Grandpa brought with them.

We had some crappy times, but we had some good times too. It amazes me how much more of the good I can remember when I see these beloved images.
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pamala said...

Sherry, as always, I love your beautiful and heartfelt creations! So lovely. Thanks for posting about my blog candy. Even though your name wasn't selected, I have a little something I will be sending you this week (when I can get to the PO.) Can't wait to see what you will do with it! :)