Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Card for a Departing Manager

My bestie asked me to make a card for her boss, who was leaving their department for another. She's worked with this boss for 4 years and when I asked what she liked, I stumped my friend.

I finally got out of her that this lady likes the outdoors, camping, etc. That's ok, but doesn't really give me a lot to go on where a handcrafted card is concerned. I figured I'd go with natural textures, and keep the "fancy" stuff to a minimum.

As I rummaged through my scraps, I was starting to give up on my supplies when I found the Cosmo Cricket "Gretel" scraps. Particularly the strip that says "If nothing ever changed, there'ld be no butterflies" Change is precisely what this card is celebrating so I had my jumping off point.

I found a MM butterfly in a brighter version of blue and added some cut-out elements from one of the "Gretel" scraps to add depth and detail.

The pearl embellishments were an afterthought but the colors were perfect.

When I got up this morning, I decided I wanted a replica or reminder of this lovely card so I used some of the scraps, another Making Memories butterfly and the remains of the pearl bits from last night to make this sweet little ATC.

It was a hit at my work and looks sweet on display on my wall.

The card for my friend's boss was also a hit.

I love when things work out that way.
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