Saturday, March 27, 2010

March Finale

The term is coming to a close at Sketches: Creatively Yours -- who would believe it's gone by so quickly??

I had 2 projects debut there over the last 10 days. I have been so busy that I kept forgetting! Luckily I didn't forget to do them and send them along, I just forgot they were posted!

 The first was posted last Saturday:
The "Elephant Zoo"
I switched Ali's sketch up a bit to work this one. I turned the sketch clockwise 90 degrees and trimmed my enlarged photo in strips to fill in the vertical length. I then rotated and angled my journaling area. I used the Hambly Elephant overlay as my decorative element and border.

The small photo was added with a pink camouflage ribbon bit just so that the uninterrupted image could be seen and admired.

Our local zoo is referred to as the "Elephant Zoo" because of this large sculpture of a tribal elephant. It's important to Annabelle that we distinguish our zoo from the small petting zoo with this name :)

This second creation was posted on Friday:
Happy Birthday (Mary)
It's March and thoughts of Green abound. From St. Patrick's Day to the longing for warmth and new growth, I moved from my vast amount of Pink creations to a comfortable and relaxing green.

I was late for my sister's birthday but it's a good thing or she could have gotten caught up in the Pinkness that I was enveloped in this past February.

I used any green or neutral scraps that I could find on my desk. This included an unused piece of gift-tissue. I embellished this simple card with a rescued bit of natural ribbon and an egg-carton flower. I had seen the information on these and they'd stuck in my head. I love doing them, they're so pretty. When I sent it in to Ali at S:CY; she told me where I had gotten the idea... from HER!! Oh MY! I looked at so many flower tutorials, which I didn't save anyplace but in my head. I'm not surprised I forgot. If you're interested in Egg Carton Flowers - go here!

So, there you have it. My final projects for my Term with Sketches: Creatively Yours. Thank you for following along and for all of your comments and support!

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