Monday, March 31, 2014

Gibbys' Gotcha Day Anniversary

It's been 2 years.
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2 years ago today, I went to the Denny's parking lot on Redwood and North Temple in SLC. It was for a pickup. Cindy's cousin needed to rehome this dog and I had pretty much fallen for his face on facebook. I couldn't believe the behemoth that clamored out of the pickup truck.. he was a giant and he seemed to recognize that I was someone he wanted in his life.

He got in the car and he didn't look back. I didn't either, even through all the trouble he caused in the coming months. Even when I sat on the stairs and cried like a baby after pulling him off my Harlee. Even after having to do so again and again with Mickey and once even Sheldon. I never looked back. Just wept out of fear and frustration that I might fail him.

He's still got some issues. I know he's a quick learner on some things and stubborn as the day is long on others. I still have hope for the big guy. Meanwhile I celebrate him - because he's a dog, with a shorter lifespan than humans, who looks for me every moment I'm not around (or anticipates my reappearance at the very least). I've learned through the loss of my Harlee that you have to grab on to those little moments. Create memories. They're gone too soon and so terribly missed.

So, since today is the anniversary of the day we both said "Gotcha" and didn't look back. Instead we chose each other, and because of this I celebrated with a people/dog cake (which still could use some improvement for the people, maybe a little more honey and some cinnamon...). 

Recipe: Cake for People and their Dog (we doubled the honey in both cake and icing-suggest tripling honey in cake and adding cinnamon. Icing was perfect).

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