Saturday, December 10, 2011

330 days and counting

Yesterday my daily status update from said "funauntsherry has logged in for 330 days in a row!"

Yes, 330+ days ago, I started earnestly keeping a daily log of what I was eating. I reduced my calorie intake from something I don't even dare estimate (I scoffed at "serving suggestions") to as low as 1290 per day.

That said, I don't deprive myself, nor do I feel deprived.. Just last night I helped myself to a delightful cookie from Ruby Snap. I also do not punish or guilt myself if I go over in calories one day or even a couple (which seems inevitable this time of year) of days. I just record it all and go on. After all, tomorrow is always another day!

I'm currently in the 1500 calories/day range and very slowly losing pounds. It wasn't always so slow. In March I bought a pair of pants in size 20 instead of the size 22 I was wearing last December/January. By May, I couldn't wear the 20s any longer. Good thing it was nearly summer and skirt season, because i was able to take in some of my skirts and capris until I started getting the urge to shop in June/July and was able to buy a pair of size 16 jeans. By August I was back to Old Navy on one of their jeans sales for a size 14. I still have those, have to have a belt with them, and I have Cindy's size 12 Levi's that she shrunk out of and they fit me comfortably snug.

It hasn't just been a reduction in calories, I've also been walking. I started walking at about the same time I started tracking my calories. I went out in cold and wet, I was very determined to do something smart. I haven't been half as disciplined in this recent cold weather as I was last winter. I don't know if it's the cold, or if it is just that we've been so busy at work lately that I don't even take my breaks. I do still take Sheldon (and sometimes Mickey) on weekends so I'm not terribly lazy! Sheldon has been a huge asset to me in my walking. He loves his on and off leash adventures.

I need to get back to it! I only walked a few times this past week and I feel kind of like a slacker!

The past 330 days have been amazing. I started out at just over 300 pounds last December and as of my last recorded update I was down to 182. This is so close to my goal of 150, but still so far away. The last 15 pounds I've lost have taken almost as long as the first 100 did.

I have been getting so much good motivation from my coworkers in their timely and excited comments. Kids have the best reaction, because they're SO unedited. Cindy's nieces exclaimed "You've lost SO MUCH weight" when they opened the door this past October and my niece asked "why were you "SO FAT" before?" Hey, they're kids! Honesty is beautiful. I was SO FAT and I did lose SO MUCH weight. And to have it noticed is a far better feeling than one would think.

My best motivation of all has been simple things.. underpants! I have a choice in styles and fabrics at every store I go to.... who'd've thunk it? Tights and boots are also a new addition to my wardrobe. I am no longer resigned to ballet-type flats and long pants and long skirts... lets show off these legs a little (ok, they're not perfect, but they're not trunks anymore either).

I'm not exaggerating... nor is it cheating to show you a photo of me from May of last year, since from May to December of 2010 my appearance didn't change... May to December 2011, on the other hand the change was phenomenal!

Some visual aids - Left: Sherry with Mom, Mother's Day 2010. Right: Sherry at the Gateway; November 2011

I'm excited to see how the next 30+ pounds come off and how it makes me look and feel physically and emotionally. I've never felt quite as content with myself as I do right now, after losing over 120 pounds. I weigh less at 43 than I did in my 30s, possibly even my (late) 20s. I know I've got a way to go but, having been on the other side of things, I don't feel quite as "fat" as I ever did when I was in this weight range before. What a great liberator!

Thanks to everyone for the support, encouragement and for bearing with me through this post.

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Kimberly said...

Sherry!! This made me cry!! You are so beautiful inside and out!! You are and have been my inspiration and I am proud to be your friend and watch this beautiful butterfly emerge from her cocoon!! Okay I went a little cheeseball there for a minute... ;) keep it up!! You can do anything!