Monday, December 26, 2011

Gone Shopping

Cindy and I do all of our shopping together 95% of the time, so Christmas surprises are nonexistent. This year we decided that we'd use that to our advantage and not shop for each other, but to shop with each other after Christmas!

What fun! We started out at Ulta with our fabulous gift cards and then a jaunt to Aeropostale (my first time in) before heading north to the Gateway Mall. That was the most fun... I have never been able to shop the clothing at Anthropologie... ok they're still out of my price range but I used to just go in to see the items for the home. Today, I was finding clothes, trying things on and actually enjoying a new side of shopping. Losing weight has been full of those little surprises, and I'm still absorbing all of that excitement. I still ended up giving Old Navy most of my clothing cash, but I had lots of fun window shopping other places I've never been able to shop before doing so.

It was a nice new approach to Christmas, much less stress, and we had a great time just being out and about.

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