Sunday, December 18, 2011

Get your Party on

Brave Cindy-is that laughter? She DID have fun!

Last night, I dragged Cindy to my friend/coworker Lindsay's "Dirty 30" party. She needs to get out of the house more and I need a DD. Alice, my supervisor hosted the surprise party at her house and "Ms. Safety" - you know the "it would be safer if..." person that lurks inside of many of us - almost made me reconsider, however, I was still able to override that creature and go. I think if I'd told Cindy about my wavering she would have encouraged me to stay home... she's still got a closer bond with her own "Ms. Safety".

Sherry with Alice's Caramel Apple concoction... yummy!

I'm so glad I did go, it was fun to get out and be among people, especially people who love to live, drink and laugh with abandon! I hope I continue this adventurous journey and go out with people more often.

Here's to a Very Happy 30th birthday to Lindsay!
Birthday Shots!

Alice taking a picture of me taking her picture...

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