Monday, November 17, 2008

A 4-Letter Word that Starts With "F"

At 2 years old (as of Friday 11/14) Julian's newest verbal challenge has me in stitches. He now calls every utensil a Fork.

He doesn't pronounce the word as "fork"... no, it comes out as an entirely different four-letter "F" word that also ends with a "K".

You can imagine the conundrum when his mommy and daddy first heard the word. "Where did he hear that word?"

It was only later that they discovered he was referring to a spoon or a fork. Sometimes the word "Work" comes out as "F..." well, the Julian pronunciation of "fork".

We're all enunciating the "ORK" part of the word now, every time he says "f...." (you know), we agree and repeat "fORK"...

He'll get it, but there are sure to be lots of people looking his direction until then!!!
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