Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And So I Voted!

I'm not really a "voter"... I mean, since I was 18 I think I can recall voting 3 times. But, I'm trying to be a better person and a more responsible American so --- even though I had no idea until the last minute how I would cast my vote. I even considered a write-in... but that seems like, oh, a cop-out. It would be a wasted vote, and though I'm not sure my vote counts for anything (the whole delegates thing has my head spinning) I did it.

I made sure I was caught up in my work so that I could escape a few minutes early - every minute counts when you commute 1-hour each way and there might have been a line. I was pleased and surprised to find that there was no line at the time I got there (I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten the same pleasant result if I were even 1/2-hour later.

It was a painless process. I hadn't been sure, even up to the moment of casting my vote, but I made a choice. I'll have to live with it, so I hope it was the right choice.

If nothing else, this (extremely long) campaign season and election were immensely historic. Gender, Race and Religion have been called into question, some were defeated, based on the above? I don't know? But this year has definitely been HISTORIC.
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