Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They Came!!

After a year of planning, paying and anticipation, our trip is just 18 days away and today, our travel papers arrived!

The packet looks just like the one we got when we went in April of '07, with a little bit of a different look to the Park Hopper tickets and the commemorative coin is a 2008 (instead of '07). Oh, and we're flying this time - so airline info is in there too.

It's so exciting any time we are heading to Disneyland but especially so this year because it's during Christmas. As I was mentioning to a friend the other day, Cindy and I have always wanted to go to Disneyland at Christmastime and every year we feel the same way -- it seems to self-satisfying to do something so extravagant at this time of year.

We had discussed and even requested time off in April this year after spring break ended (we learned our lesson after the crush of crowds last time). We were planning on going and hoping that Dani would let us take Belle and Jules or at least Belle. She wasn't ready for them to be so far away for so long at that time so we started talking about trying for Christmastime (close to Cindy's birthday).

Things got exciting when we shared our thoughts with Cindy's SIL (Emily) and nieces. Madison (11 at the time) and McKenna (just turning 7 then) were keen on going and Cindy piped in with "too bad you'll be in school, we'd take you with us if you weren't." {{Ok... when using this tactic, be prepared to back up your words because you might get this reply:}}

Madison's wheels were turning - you could see it - and she chimed in with "We're off track when you're going to be gone, we could go with you!"

Good thing we were prepared to back up our words. We did some talking with Emily and the kids, planning fun things to do and left lunch prepared to do battle with Mark (the girls' dad) to bully and cajole (his wife and girls did most of this) him into letting the girls come along with us.

At one point this year, economic crunch smacked down into our reality. They were going to give us money towards the kids fare/admission, etc. but things weren't looking good for them to be able to do so, and we were asked to find out what the penalties were to take the kids off our trip plan. By this time their airfare had been paid in full and the penalties would have been near $700 (not penalties but loss of money because we couldn't get a refund on their fare) so we told them not to worry, give the girls spending money and we had the trip covered.

Now, with just 18 days to go, paperwork in hand, I can hardly believe it's real!!! I'm going to leave the (most likely cold and possibly snowy) land of Utah and travel hundreds of miles to my favorite place on earth just so I can see ARTIFICIAL snow! If that isn't hilarious, I've lost my touch!

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