Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting Closer....

It's just 3 weeks (and 6 days) until we leave for Disneyland.

In my wait I find that I'm being obsessive about trying to find any information on definite "must see" items for the Christmas season in Disneyland. I haven't found anything new but I look almost every day.

I want to know what the weather will be (not what the record highs and lows are...) while we are there so that I'm prepared. What if I go with all my "average daily temperature" stuff and find I need stuff for cooler weather or warmer weather??

I know, it's just that "perfectionism" that makes me and everyone around me crazy...

I haven't even allowed myself to think about traveling with an almost-8-year old and a 12-year old.... both girls. No, there won't be any D.R.A.M.A....!

Uh, wait, the 12-year old has been all drama since at least age 3!! What was I thinking????

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