Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Lil Buddy

My adorable nephew Julian turned 3 yesterday! I can't believe it's been three whole years since he first melted my heart and he still does an incredible job of this heart-melting every day that I spend time with him.

Today we went to Disney on Ice and he got to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Aladdin and the Genie (also lots of princesses were there to entertain his big sister, but he didn't care). After the show we went to Olive Garden (his request) and then we went to my sister's house for Cupcakes.

Last weekend when we were together, we got to talking about his upcoming birthday and Annabelle asked if I would be making cupcakes for Julian's birthday. I agreed that I could do that and as I asked him what kind he wanted we found out that the requested cupcakes should be "Blue Ones" and their frosting should be "Blue with sparkles". I asked if they needed to have Lighning McQueen on them and he nearly screamed "YES" in his excitement.

I did as requested, with the help of some premade decors for the cupcakes. I'm a fair hand at cake decorating - when I'm in the mood - but you wouldn't think so when looking at these fun little things :)

All that counts is that the kids loved 'em, they tasted great and we don't have them floating around OUR house!!!

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