Monday, November 2, 2009

It Can Be Easy to Be Green

I'm trying to be green. I think many of us are. In our office we have paperless methods in place and some are actually not so complex that it's a no-brainer to use the paperless method... some are more complex and time consuming, making them really difficult to keep up on.

We have some things that just can't be paperless and in those cases we use reams of copy paper. Each ream is wrapped with a sheet of paper that is roughly 15" x 22"... often these are not recyclable due to the glue used to seal them shut... you could tear/cut off the glue parts or you could save these large sheets of paper that have a pristine white side (the inside) that could be used for gift-wrap, mailing, kids' art, etc.

There are sheets of chipboard which one of the gals and I both take home for our own purposes; hers is for her little one and his preschool to use for art projects and mine is for making boxes and chipboard shapes for creating.

The crazy thing is that there are some reports that we pull and if there isn't a report for that day, instead of getting a pop-up window, it prints a sheet of paper with the line "nothing to print" on the top. So many of the girls shred these... ok so they're recycling but wouldn't it be even better to reuse them? I have put them back through the printer and used them to tape credit card receipts to, who cares if the in-office people see "nothing to print" in addition to the actual information on the scanned paperwork?

Just think of all the uses for things that might otherwise be wasted... including this great link that was featured in today's Scrap Scene email: How About Orange: Make a Gift Bow from a Magazine Page


Daniel said...

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maggi said...

Here's my green thing: I shred as much of the junk paper that I have and put it in my compost bin and then after composting, it goes in my garden! It's good for the environment and much needed in my garden.

In my office in Denver we each had two trashcans, one for recycles and one for garbage.